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Liberty Bell "L.B." MacGuff is Juno's five-year-old half-sister. She is portrayed by Sierra Pitkin.

Liberty Bell eating vegetables.


Liberty Bell is a short white female. She is thin, but not underweight. She has blue eyes and straight, medium-length, light brown hair. She seems to take after her mother.


Liberty Bell is playful, but not particularly intelligent. She likes bacon. She does ice skating, which she isn't great at. Liberty Bell seems to have a bit of a mischevious streak, as shown when her father warns her not to take any more bacon and she grins.

Known Family[]

Liberty Bell and her mother.


Liberty Bell is the daughter of Mac MacGuff and his second wife, Bren. She was born eleven years after her half-sister, Juno. She seems to have a normal life, despite her half-sister's unplanned pregnancy. Not very much is known about young Liberty Bell, otherwise.


  • She is implied to be asthmatic.